Change your thinking – change the outcome. Your walk to destiny

One thing I can guarantee every business owner – 100% of them will exit their business at some point in time. The question is will it be on their terms or someone else’s?
Business is hard.  Trying to grow while dealing with all the challenges presented by employees, customers, competitors, vendors, and banks is challenging. Seems like this juggling act can occupy the whole day.  It is this relentless barrage of issues and challenges that keep many owners stuck in the muck, not growing the way they want to, let alone how they might exit one day.  Owners have to get out of the middle of the day-to-day operations and spend time working on the business in order for their businesses to achieve its potential.
The primary job of the owner is to grow the value of his/her business.  
Focusing on the right value drivers will not only improve financial results today, but will position the company to be transferable at some point in time (transferable means the company has value to someone else, AND, someone else can run it other than you).  
There are a lot of components to growing value, but they can be summarized in what are known as the four C’s of business value.
• Human capital of course is your people, and specifically your key leadership team.
• Customer capital is the depth and strength of your customer relationships.
Structural capital is your infrastructure.  These are the systems and tools which tie your human and customer capital together.
Social capital is your culture, your brand, the way your team works, the rhythm of your day-to-day operations and communications, and the way you communicate to customers.
I’ll dive into these more in the future, but I think you can see how this thought process can help you view the business more strategically.