A Hand Full of Rules

Developing your company’s strategy can be daunting.  Where do you start?  Who should be included in the planning sessions?  How do we get to a meaningful plan that can be implemented?  How do we make sure this isn’t just an intellectual exercise?
Building a good business comes down to 3 fundamentals…the same 3 we use as a parent raising kids:
1.     Have a handful of rules
2.     Repeat yourself a lot
3.     Act consistently with those rules (which is why you only want a handful of them)
If you get this right, a lot of good things will happen in your business.  If your business is complex because it is loaded with rules, it’s probably going to be a long haul. Why? Nobody will understand the direction and that will breed a noxious culture.
Developing strategy (the growth plan for the company) is very similar.  If the strategy is complex and difficult to understand by the team, it is probably wrong, or at the least not very valuable.  The Scaling Up framework is designed to build a practical, implementable strategic plan, with built-in accountability so you actually get things done.  The foundational tool of the framework is the 1 Page Strategic Plan.  All components of the planning tool link with one another so you arrive at an aligned conclusion of the next steps to take. 
The 1 Page Strategic Plan is also based on 3 fundamentals:
1.     Priorities – develop the top 5 priorities for the year, and then the quarter
2.     Data – obtain data that gives insight on how the organization is running and what the market is demanding
3.     Rhythm – develop an effective rhythm of daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annually.
So don’t let what may appear daunting stop you from developing your company’s strategic plan.  The Scaling Up process works.  Research shows that a written plan with accountability increases your success rate to nearly 80% or better.  Given the complexity of our changing world and global markets, I’ll take that bet every day.