Happiness or Success - Which Comes First?

We live in a harried world.  Everything is changing, and it’s changing at an accelerated pace.  Sometimes it just feels like it is going to spin completely out of control.
At our core, we long for happiness.  For many of us, our belief is if we work harder to become more successful, we will find our happiness.  But I’m going to suggest we have the formula backwards. 
In his book, The Happiness Advantage, Shawn Achor, psychologist and researcher on happiness, discusses this race we have created for ourselves.  If happiness is the result of success, it might be forever elusive.  Because as human beings, once we achieve success, what is the next step?  Set the bar higher and work towards that goal.  It is an endless rat race, and happiness is always sitting out on the horizon.
But as Achor points out, happiness comes first and success will likely follow in bountiful ways.  And it turns out that research has uncovered several methods to reprogram our minds to be in a state of happiness.  Check out his Youtube video. It is very humorous and a 12 minute investment of your time that might change everything.