It's a New Year. But do you have the right people on board to make it a great year?

Get the right people on the bus

Playing off Jim Collin’s well known work in his book Good To Great, all great companies figure out who first, then what – get the right people on the bus, the wrong ones off, and get everyone in the right seat – then we’ll figure out what to do. 
So who ARE the ‘RIGHT’ people?
Those that first, align to your core values, and then second, have the skills and competencies to produce results in their position.  The breakdown in getting the right people on the team generally happens when the hiring process is focused on skills and competencies first and core value alignment last – if this last piece even get considered at all.
There are essentially two people problems in a business– wrong person in the right seat, or the right person in the wrong seat.  The former is the most dangerous person on your team.  They are not aligned with your core values and they are eroding the company’s culture, but they are allowed to stay because they are delivering results.  Everyone knows who they are and are waiting for you to do something about it.
A diminishing culture is more dangerous to a company’s survival than the loss of a key customer.  Your best people will begin to leave, or worse, “quit” and still show up every day.
Putting the right people on the bus and moving the wrong ones off is a continuous work in progress.  Successful companies get crystal clear on their core values and don’t allow anyone on their team that doesn’t line up with those core values.  It’s hard work.  That’s why most companies don’t do it. But the winners do!
There is a lot of chatter today about employee engagement, or lack thereof.  Make no bones about it – it’s real.
Your job as a leader is to get the right people on the bus, in right seats, doing the right things, and keeping them.  Remember, A-players want to play with other A-players.  At some point they will leave if the leader allows B- and C- players to linger and drag the team down.
The statistics are staggering when it comes to getting the right people on the bus in the right seats.  According to 30 years of research by Gallup, there is a strong connection between employee engagement and company performance:

  • Customer ratings up 10%
  • Profitability up 22%
  • Productivity up 21%
  • Turnover rates lowered 65%
  • Internal theft declined 28%
  • Absenteeism dropped 37%
  • Safety incidents reduced 48%
  • Quality (defects) improved 41%

Want to make 2017 a great year for your company?
1. Get things right. Get your bus loaded with the right people in the right seats doing the right things (and get the wrong ones off fast)
2. Relationships. Make sure supervisors are building relationships with direct reports that matter (#1 reason people leave companies is because of a breakdown in the relationship with their direct supervisor).
3. Recognition & personal development. Basic things like recognition of accomplishments, facilitating strong bonds with coworkers, autonomy, pushing them to be their best, and involving them in the big picture are a few things that can be game changers. 
This isn’t complicated.  But it does require your most precious resource – time.  Easy say, hard do.  But possible. And all the great companies figure it out.