There Is No Coasting in Business – You’re Either Growing or Declining

There is no truer statement. A business is either growing or it is declining. Period. Which one describes your business right now? The challenge for many owners is figuring out how to get the business positioned for steady, predictable growth; where the whole company is functioning in unison.  
Wouldn’t it be great if there were a system? (Hint: there is…)
I’ve been talking a lot in the last several blogs about the 4 Decisions that every entrepreneur needs to get right to effectively scale up the business: people, strategy, execution, and cash.
Let's go through each of the 4 Decision briefly, asking some questions to see how your company matches up:
·  People:  Would you enthusiastically rehire everyone? That's a tough question for a lot of us.
·  Strategy:  Can you state your strategy simply? Is it driving industry-leading results? Because, if you can't state it, then, I promise you, nobody in the organization gets it either. That's the whole key to getting this to work.
·  Execution:  Are all of your processes running without drama? Are you late, or do you have quality problems? Do we have team/culture problems? Addressing these (and many other areas of the business) are the steps to flawless execution.
·  Cash:  Do you have consistent sources of cash that is fueling your growth?  No cash, no business. It’s that simple.
So, where do you start this whole process?
Number one, read Scaling Up by Verne Harnish.  It is an excellent resource. Well-written. Very practical. And implementable right away. Don’t just have this book on your bookshelf – READ IT!  And it's a tool to go back to again and again, to relearn or refresh a concept.
Number two, hire a coach. I'm serious, I don't mean this to sound self-serving. I'd love for you to hire us, but hire someone. Hire a coach. I have a coach. Everybody that wants to perform at peak performance has a coach. The best athletes in the world have a coach. Jeff Bezos just got named the richest guy in the world, and he's got a coach. Get a coach, don't try to do this alone.
Number three…did I say get a coach? Get a coach!
Number four, it's one step at a time. All this can be like drinking from a fire hose. Do that and you’ll be overwhelmed and choose to do nothing (and that’s bad decision). Pick an area and start working at it. It takes two or three years to implement all these tools and techniques, and to get them to be part of your company's DNA. But when you've got this embedded in that DNA, you're going to drive profit, you're going to drive cash, and you're going to drive value in your business. It's everything you've been trying to do – now you have a system to get you there.