Would you rehire everyone on your team?

Think about it. Would you enthusiastically hire everyone on your team?
No company can outgrow its leadership team. They are the ceiling to growth.  Either they get smarter, or you bring smarter people to the team, or you stall. And stalling for too long leads to decline. 
Great leaders are not necessarily big charismatic personalities. In fact, most of the time they aren’t.  They are the people who can maintain a sense of calm in the storm, leading people through change.  They recognize opportunities and are able to predict and delegate, developing others people to become the next leaders in the company.
The best leaders have this innate ability to get the best out of their people.  They are excellent coaches who listen, challenge, support, and encourage growth.  They understand it is not about being the smartest person in the room, but rather building a team that can function without them. 
Another way to think about the question I posed at the start of this blog is to identify the leadership seats you need to fill and then ask:
- Are the seats filled by the right people? 
- Is each person aligned to the core values of the organization?
- Are they competent in that position?
If you don’t get the leadership team right, the entire organization knows it – trust me. And they are waiting for you to do something about it.  If you ignore it and fail to act, you risk having your entire team check out. 
Who else should you run through the “would you rehire” filter?
In addition to employees, take time to evaluate ALL the key relationships surrounding your business. Are you happy with your bank? Are your vendors supporting you properly? Are your advisors – accountants, attorneys, consultants, and coaches – the best fit for the size of the organization and its future plans?  And dare I suggest that you take at look at your clients, too. Some of the toughest decisions to make are when a company has outgrown some of these relationships and you need to make changes.
Talk to any Venture Capitalist that invests in early stage companies and they will tell you – invest in people first, then the idea.  Ideas are a dime a dozen, even great ones. If you don’t have the right team assembled, who are aligned to your core values and core purpose with the expertise to elevate the company’s position, it is still just an idea. 
Watch Shark Tank. They pass on lots of ideas and nearly every time it is the people behind the idea that causes them to ‘pass’. 
The critical role of the CEO is assembling the right team, getting them on the same page and executing without drama. Get this right and your chances of Scaling Up to build value in your business and freedom in your life. 
New year. New plan.  Time to review the Four Decisions that every company needs to get right in order to scale up:  People. Strategy. Execution. Cash.
Photo by rawpixel.com on Unsplash