Your view of leadership may be hurting company growth


Does it seem like the topic of leadership is everywhere right now? Perhaps you are even starting to tune it out. Besides you’re the owner – the leader – of the company. You don’t think about defining leadership, you just do it every day. Yet, how you define leadership may actually be holding your company back.
Today, I want to challenge you to examine your definition of leadership and how that may actually be stalling business growth and underutilizing one of your most valuable assets. Many business owners will call out strategy, competitive advantage, and staying in front of market trends as key factors to growth. This view overlooks the common thread needed to implement a strategy, beat the competition and stay in front of trends.  People. Your people.
When working with our clients, we share a mantra with them that we wholeheartedly believe to be true: a business cannot outgrow its leadership team.  Without working on personal and professional growth, your business might survive, but it will not thrive. Your staff/team is one of the biggest assets your business has.  Satisfied clients, repeat business, and growth all stem from the team… from their effort, commitment and belief in the company. A team, committed to a cause bigger than itself, can achieve absolutely anything. 
At Compass Point, we believe in the Growth Rings of Leadership – that leadership skills form and expand when these 6 fundamentals are understood and implemented on a daily basis. Great leadership starts with self-awareness.  By being focused on self-awareness, leaders are able to manage their actions – and reactions – and be a better leader. We move from self-awareness to other awareness. One person’s weakness is another person’s strength when we see how others bring their unique skills. A key executive team must be able to have crucial conversations and voice our ideas, concerns, and opinions in a way that everyone is heard. Communication is not about being in total agreement 100% of the time. It’s about listening to all perspectives and finding the best way to move the company forward. You may be asking why Leadership is a ring within the Growth Rings of Leadership. It is here because without solid leadership you will not create a high performing team or company.  High performance teams are created when awareness, two-way communication, healthy conflict and accountability are firmly in place.  The outermost ring of Leadership Growth is culture.  This is what your clients see and feel on every interaction.  If there is drama, employee disengagement or customer service issues, then you need to find and address that underlying leadership problem. Until you do, performance will suffer.
I encourage you to begin defining leadership as a team, committed to a cause bigger than itself, which can achieve absolutely anything.  This is the kind of leadership that can be built by any company, of any size. When employees are growing, becoming more self-aware, understanding their team, using their leadership skills to have the difficult conversations and holding each other accountable, the results will show on the bottom line. And did you notice, it’s not just about you – the owner – leading the company. To scale the business, you need to scale the leadership capacity of your people.
That is where the real value in your company begins.

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