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I love the analogy of watching a group of kids playing basketball, and guessing whether they are serious or just messing around.  Messing around includes a lot of traveling, behind the back moves, 3 pointers from the park…you get the idea. But when the game is on, it’s clear that things are serious. They are ready to prove that they have mastered the game. Then there is posting in the paint,... Read the Full Story
Posted by Tom Garrity on August 7, 2017
This is the 4th blog in our series “The 8 Steps to Overcome the Big 5 Frustrations Business Owners Face.”  Part of the challenge in family business, or any business for that matter, is that the world does not stop and allow you to pursue your strategy in a nice, orderly fashion.  Whether it is internal or external, issues pop up throughout the course of the day in any business: employee issues,... Read the Full Story
Posted by Tom Garrity on July 27, 2017
The more family businesses and owners I coach around strategy, the more I’m reminded that building an effective strategic plan is very similar to raising kids – focus on a few things, repeat yourself often and be consistent.  Maintaining focus as a leadership team is a challenge many companies wrestle with and why it’s made my list of 8 Steps to Overcoming the BIG 5 Frustrations of business... Read the Full Story
Posted by Tom Garrity on July 12, 2017
Having raised four children, I’ve sung my fair share of Lou Stallman’s children’s song, “Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round”.  In the song, Stallman describes a bus traveling through town, with everything and everyone in unison.  It all works.  This is what we are looking for in our businesses.  Get the right people on the bus and get them in the right seat (their strengths) so they can help... Read the Full Story
Posted by Tom Garrity on June 21, 2017
I started to learn to play tennis when I was 14. My high school team needed people to fill out the team, and I thought, “What the heck. I’ll give it a try”.    I fell in love with the game.  I had a great coach, and one of the things he taught me early on was I needed to be able to ‘see the shot’ I wanted to hit.  Envision it.  Execute it.  I was skeptical at first, but when I picked off a tennis... Read the Full Story
Posted by Tom Garrity on June 7, 2017
In my last blog, Overcoming The BIG 5 Frustrations Business Owners Face, I shared the most common frustrations challenging CEOs: control, profit, people, hitting the ceiling, and nothing is working. Are these frustrations running through your head at 2:00AM?   Remember – you’re normal – and you are not alone.  But while many family business leaders have these problems, some CEOs have figured out... Read the Full Story
Posted by Tom Garrity on May 20, 2017
 Remember the reasons you started your business?  Making your mark in this world.  Freedom. More fun. Control of your destiny.    And then one day you woke up and it felt like you had an albatross wrapped around your neck.  You’re working harder than ever.  Your team isn’t clicking the way you want.  There is conflict within the family.  Money is tight.  And fun...what’s that?    Unfortunately... Read the Full Story
Posted by Tom Garrity on May 10, 2017
How to think strategically about my family business' future
When’s the last time you took time to think? I mean really THINK. Envision. Dream. What’s that? No time between all the meetings, family commitments and running the business? No time. Well, that’s the trap. It’s not that you don't have enough time. You are caught up in a trap and that trap is called “Busy Doing”.     Early in your career, it was your job to be productive in whatever area you... Read the Full Story
Posted by Tom Garrity on April 13, 2017
The Shiny Penny Syndrome
There is a disabling disease that runs through family business leadership, especially those that are scaling up, and it can cause real havoc. It’s called “Chasing the Shiny Penny Syndrome”.  It’s when the company chases a new “shiny” opportunity in lieu of the core (and perhaps “boring”) stuff that got the business to where it is today.  Every company has done this at one time or another.  We... Read the Full Story
Posted by Tom Garrity on March 27, 2017
Do you remember the old adage, “Nothing is certain but death and taxes”?  Well, add one more item - exiting your business.  The question is:  will it be on your terms?  This Number Tells A Sad Story  The Exit Planning Institute (EPI) has found that over 75% of business owners who have exited their business ‘profoundly regretted their decision.’  Seventy-five percent! What’s going on here?  Wasn’t... Read the Full Story
Posted by Tom Garrity on March 14, 2017