Learning never stops - it is a life time process. Personal growth, as well as business growth, comes from being committed to investing in learning. We share this advice with our clients all the time. And we’ve made it easy advice to follow by compiling lots of great information right here. Commit to 10 pages a day. It is that simple and it will pay you back ten-fold.

    From our very own blog and whitepapers to articles we wish we had written, you’ll find a wide range of food for thought on the key components of business: people, strategy and succession. Let’s start reading >
    Understanding what drives your team, as well as yourself, is a fundamental building block to moving your company in the right direction. We feature some of the best assessments, tools and worksheets we have invaluable to delivering insight. Find your tool >
    Over the years, we have had the great fortune of working with subject matter experts that compliment our own expertise - and in turn have taught us a lot. These relationships are leveraged as needed to bring more comprehensive solutions to the unique challenges of family-owned businesses. Check them out >
    Tom practices what he preaches and it is evident by his bookshelves. Grab a glimpse of Tom’s library and a few of his favorites. You can also be part of the Compass Point Biz Book & Breakfast Club - a great way to hold yourself accountable to reading 10 pages a day. Take a tour >

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