Compass Point Consulting provides family businesses growth and transition strategies to create freedom and a business legacy.

We often find owners who are anxious about the future or disappointed in the company’s current results.  Our work helps bring clarity to complicated issues.  We provide a system of measurement, expert advice, and one to one time that assures progress towards business growth and personal financial freedom.


All great companies figure out "who" first, then "what". These 3 principles are a guide to determine who gets on the bus.

  • Define your “core values”
  • Identify your company’s “purpose” for being in business
  • Attract and keep A-players

Let’s start by looking at who is on the bus  >



Every owner wants his or her business to be something more tomorrow than it is today. How do you make that happen? 

  • Develop focus, direction and accountability
  • Learn the 3 crucial habits that take you from Good to Great
  • Break through the “ceilings of complexity”

Let’s figure it out how to grow profitably  >



Leadership continuity is one the most critical factors to family businesses succeeding generational transitions. Owners can’t get out if they don’t have a successor, and companies can’t grow if they don’t attract, develop, and retain talent. 

  • Prepare tomorrow’s leadership
  • What’s next for the owner
  • Develop the single most important document to protect your investment

Get ready to create your legacy  >


The simple fact that you have taken the time to get to this page and are reading this means you are ready to do something different. That’s the first step. Be sure to check out our case studies and learn how other business owners have turned around the challenges they were facing – and found solutions, growth or both.

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