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4Cs of Capital - Your ideal customer

For many business owners, business value is something they HOPE happens along the way. But just like driving growth, profit and cash, you can and should plan to grow value as well.  This is what the owner’s game is all about – building a business that can be converted to cash someday to support the lifestyle you desire.
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This blog in my series on the 4C's of Business Capital tackles Human Capital. Of course, this is all about your employees. HOWEVER, I want you to think beyond the title and what might have come to your mind first when you read it. This is more than just “having the right people on the bus and in the right seats.”
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A critical factor that affects business value is transferability.  If what a business does isn’t transferable to a new owner, the business doesn’t have much, if any, value.
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As a business owner, do you want to make more income today, and create more business value for tomorrow?  Here’s the secret – manage business value now.
But first let's talk about how EBITDA impacts the value of your business.
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